LAPADA the Association of Art & Antiques Dealers is the largest society of professional art and antiques dealers in the UK. It is a trusted resource for private collectors and the art and antiques trade in the UK and 16 other countries around the world. Established in 1974 it boasts over 500 worldwide members, who are experts in their fields, with specialities ranging from fine art, jewellery and furniture to contemporary works, sculpture and ceramics. Due to the Association’s strict Code of Practice, clients are offered total reassurance when purchasing from a LAPADA member. LAPADA offers a referral service for any member of the public looking for a trusted dealer in a specific area, who is seeking quality and assurance of authenticity. It also offers industry advice and lobbies on issues affecting its members and good practice in the art and antiques trade. In 2015, LAPADA launched its newly developed website, which is the leading online marketplace for sourcing authentic art and antiques from trusted LAPADA-accredited dealers.



Investec Wealth & Investment (UK) Announces Continued Support of LAPADA Berkeley Square Fair in 2024

Leading global wealth management firm Investec Wealth & Investment (UK), is thrilled to announce its return as the exclusive Wealth Management Partner for the LAPADA Berkeley Square Fair for the second consecutive year. The premiere art and antiques event attracts some of the world's most respected dealers and galleries, bringing together a high-net-worth audience of collectors, curators, and designers. ...

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