• A world-first visitor experience, Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein, will commemorate the life of the female novelist and her now legendary creation in its own attraction for the very first time, from 19 July 2021.
  • Opening in Bath, where the author wrote much of the novel in 1816 – retrace her tragic and often untold life events and confront the 8ft formidable Creature as Mary really imagined, with a world-first recreation forming the centrepiece of the attraction.
  • NEWLY ANNOUNCED: For a truly immersive experience, each room in the attraction will feature bespoke scents to heighten the senses, along with a walk-through experience in the dank and foreboding underbelly of the house.
  • COMING SOON: Victor’s Lair Escape Room can be purchased separately. You have just one hour to unravel the ramblings of his deranged mind and, more critically, your way out to freedom.
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New Bath attraction, Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein, opens its doors on Monday 19 July 2021. The attraction will commemorate the author’s life for the very first time in its own attraction, over 205 years since she put pen to paper to write the now legendary novel.  

The much-anticipated new visitor experience will tell the full story behind the genesis of ‘Frankenstein’.Blurring the lines between museum and immersive experience, the attraction will celebrate the legacy of Mary’s work across four atmospheric floors, uncovering:  

  • Mary Shelley’s complex past - retrace the tragic life events and radical scientific thinking that fermented in Mary’s imagination before her trip to the Villa Diodati near Geneva, where she conjured the first fragments of her monstrous creation in her infamous ‘waking dream’ - and discover unknown facts, like how Mary and her husband Percy Shelley were vegetarians!
  • The monster as Mary imagined – confront the formidable 8ft breathing creature in a world-first recreation exactly as Mary imagined in her novel. 
  • Frankenstein in popular culture – experience all things Frankenstein and his “monster” in the Popular Culture rooms bursting with vintage memorabilia, props, posters, and bizarre collector items.
  • A dank foreboding basement – venture down into the dank foreboding basement, in a dark and disorientating walkthrough experience revealing the unhallowed practices of a deranged scientist. 


  • A bespoke scent will capture the atmosphere of every room  from the Popular Culture rooms to The Laboratory to heighten your experience, and create a sense of time, place and emotional context to create long lasting memories of your visit. In the Popular Culture rooms, notes of cinemas, popular culture and childhood nostalgia are conjured with gourmand notes of popcorn, vanilla, caramel, chocolate with an undertone of plastic and playdoh!
  • Themed gift shop - Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein has teamed up with local suppliers, like Bath’s very own ‘Planty Kate’, to create candles that capture the essence of the attraction’s central characters, Mary Shelley and her beloved husband, Percy Shelley. With Mary dark and brooding, and Percy a radical poet with a lust for life, can you guess what kind of scents they’ll be? Products will be displayed in and amongst body parts in jars, to keep you guessing which ones are for sale.


Soon to be announced – dare to venture up to Victor’s miserable attic quarters strewn with insane equations, strange artefacts and miscellaneous body parts.

Trying in vain to unlock the mysteries of life itself, he needs just a few more ‘vital’ components to fulfil his maniacal quest. This 14 challenge puzzle-based quest is suitable for families with slightly older children, friends and groups. You will have just one hour to unravel the ramblings of a madman and discover the equation that may reveal the mystery of life itself, but more critically, your way out to freedom. 


Featuring ominous music and unsettling soundscapes, temperature control, aromas, lighting and special effects, electric shocks, projections, props, unusual artefacts, and vintage items throughout, Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein aims to deliver a scarily immersive, unnervingly thrilling and visceral experience.

The permanent attraction will add to the cultural fabric of the gothic city of Bath and is a must on the itinerary to Bath this summer. 

Franken-fans can book their tickets now to visit from 19 July 2021 at:



Notes to Editors

Ticket prices

GROUP SAVING: Save up to 20% for group parties of 5, 6, 8 and 10 people online.

Full online pricing:

  • Bespoke ebooks & Free Ticket: £15.50
  • Adult (16 yrs+): £15.50
  • Child (6-15yrs): £12.50
  • Family of four: £53.00
  • Family of three: £38.30
  • Student: £12.80
  • Groups of 5: £68.00
  • Groups of 6: £78.00
  • Groups of 8: £100.00
  • Groups of 10: £120.00



37 Gay Street, Bath, Somerset BA1 2NT, UK 

Opening times

10am – 6pm, with last admission 5pm. Some opening times will vary throughout the year.

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