Saturday 13 October 2018: Today sees the return of the much-anticipated KidPreneur Festival at KidZania London. The indoor city run by kids is hosting the only day long festival dedicated to celebrating young entrepreneurship and inspiring the next generation of innovators and business leaders.


This year’s line-up of KidPreneur speakers included:

  • The Only Way is Essex’s Tommy Mallet - also CEO of Mallet Footwear
  • Jenk OZ - Britain’s youngest CEO and founder of iCool Kid
  • Rose Dyson, CEO of PURA Cosmetics and current Young Market Trader of the Year
  • Christian Lovdal, CEO of indie gaming company, DinoByte Labs


The KidPreneurs are taking over of the city, hosting a variety of Q&A sessions and workshops to inspire you people under 14 to kickstart their own business ventures.


Tommy Mallet will host a creative workshop, encouraging kids to get crafty and design their very own Mallet trainers. Having suffered with dyslexia and struggled at school, the TOWIE star is using KidZania’s platform to teach children that creativity and determination are as valuable in business as an academic qualification.


Tommy, who recently spoke out about the pressures of being a young business owner, commented: “I want to help kids and I want to inspire the younger generation. Working with KidZania has enabled me to do that. I really believe that children are the future and that they need good role models to focus on. I think it’s important for them to see that you can be successful even if you’re not naturally academic and that through hard work and determination, you can achieve whatever you want to achieve. Through my own experiences, I’ve also learned that balancing business and enjoying life is really important, so that’s something I’m also keen to pass on and talk about more.”


Rajesh Agrawal, Deputy Mayor for Business, comments: “This festival for young entrepreneurs is about discovering and nurturing the next generation of London’s business talent. It’s so important to encourage youngsters to develop exciting, innovative ideas, which could have a big impact on how we live and work in the future.”


Eddie Kemsley CEO KidZania London says; “We had an overwhelmingly positive response to KidPreneur in 2017, so were delighted to welcome the festival back this year. The entrepreneurs we hosted today are all hyper-talented and we have so much admiration for them and all they’ve achieved in their young careers. They are proof that great business thinking can be nurtured and developed at any age, and that’s really the message we’re trying to deliver with KidPreneur. By providing access to these incredible coaches, we really hope to inspire the next generation, giving them key skills to take forward for their own future careers.”


KidZania London offers 4-14 year olds exciting real life activities, spanning across 75,000 square feet. Blending learning with reality and entertainment, each career at KidZania is developed to teach kids essential life skills including financial literacy, teamwork and independence.

Designed to empower and entertain kids, KidZania gives children the chance to challenge themselves and explore the world of opportunities. If your child has ever dreamt of becoming a pilot, a firefighter or the next award-winning actor, watch the excitement on their faces as they try out real life activities! The concept effectively gives them their first taste of independence and gets kids thinking about what they might want to be in the future.

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About KidZania London

At KidZania London, children can take part in more than 60 real-life adventures. Spanning across 75,000 square feet, KidZania is an amazing indoor city built just for kids!

KidZania provides children with the opportunity try out a variety of real life role-play activities from being a firefighter, journalist to a surgeon. Each role-play is developed to teach kids essential life skills including financial literacy, teamwork and independence.

Designed to empower and entertain kids, KidZania gives them the chance to challenge themselves and gets children thinking about which career they may pursue in the future.

KidZania is a unique role-play experience for 4-14 year olds, blending learning with reality and entertainment.

For opening hours and to book tickets please visit

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About the KidPreneurs


Tommy Mallet, CEO of Mallet Footwear

Proving he's more than just a famous face, the 25-year-old ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ star's footwear brand ‘Mallet’ is stocked in over 190 stores across Europe. Tommy has spoken out about his struggle with dyslexia, encouraging school children that it doesn't matter if they are not academic as they can still achieve a lot - as he has - if they are determined and work hard.


Christian Lovdal, CEO of DinoByteLabs:

Christian is the co-founder of a London-based company, Dinobyte Labs, which specialises in creating games with more diverse player experiences. After founding the company at such a young age, Christian and his team focus on creating digital worlds and encounters that are tailored to what real gamers actually want, whilst also offering game design consultancy to brands all over the world.


Jenk Oz, CEO of iCoolKid:

Dubbed Britain’s youngest CEO by Business Insider at just 12 years old, Jenk founded the innovative children's digital platform, iCoolKid, with cool content designed by kids, for kids. He balances this with a successful acting, singing and dancing career and regularly takes part in talks and seminars all over the world, advising and coaching business leaders – often more than double his age!


Rose Dyson, CEO of Pura Cosmetics:

Student Rose Dyson started her cruelty-free, vegan lip care business, Pura Cosmetics, aged just 15 and with just £25. Rose balances running the business with studying and her phenomenal achievements have already been recognised by business giants. She is the youngest ever recipient of both the Jacqueline Gold CBE Women in Business #WOW Award and the Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday Award. She is also the current UK Young Trader of the Year.