KidZania London, the indoor-city run by kids, has teamed up with UK Parliament Week to host a series of exciting activities and workshops for schools, supporting the provision of Key Stages 1-3 PSHE learning. Designed to teach students about the world of politics, debating and current issues, the KidZania’s Parliament Fair will run on the 14 and 15 November 2018 for schools and 17 and 18 November for the general public.


UK Parliament Week is an annual festival that engages people from across the UK with Parliament. It explores what it means to them and empowers them to get involved.


As part of KidZania’s involvement in the fair, the two-day roster will include a number of special parliament-focused activities, designed to educate school children about political system in the UK and excite them about the host of interesting careers available in the world of politics.


The roster includes:


Learn to be a political journalist with Shout Out UK

Shout Out UK is a multi-award winning independent youth news platform that provides young people with the tools necessary to engage in politics and a platform to shout out and be heard. Two journalists from Shout Out UK will be running an exciting workshop across the two days where children will learn what it takes to report on the latest political news. Children will select news stories from the agenda that day, write them up, and then react like a real newsroom when a breaking story comes in.


Usborne Books: Politics for Beginners workshop

Usborne is the UK’s leading specialist children’s book publisher: an independent, family business, which creates engaging, innovative, accessible books for children of all ages. Inspired by the best-selling

children’s book, Politics for Beginners, KidZania will be running a workshop on behalf of Usborne, teaching children all about debating,

canvassing and the voting system. What’s more, schools who book a visit on one of the two days will also receive five copies of Politics for Beginners for their school.


The KidZania Ballot Box

Over at the KidZania polling station, children will get to vote on a variety of political issues, demonstrating how the UK voting system enables their voices to be heard on topics that directly affect them. KidZania will also be using the ballot box to get feedback from real children in order to make positive changes to the city.


Take a politics degree in the KidZania University

Updated to focus on the UK political system, children can take the KidZania University Degree to broaden their knowledge and earn extra KidZos at the same time!

KidZania London offers 4-14 year olds exciting real life activities, spanning across 75,000 square feet. Blending learning with reality and entertainment, each career at KidZania is developed to teach kids essential life skills including financial literacy, teamwork and independence.

Designed to empower and entertain kids, KidZania gives children the chance to challenge themselves and explore the world of opportunities. If your child has ever dreamt of becoming a pilot, a firefighter or the next award-winning actor, watch the excitement on their faces as they try out real life activities! The concept effectively gives them their first taste of independence and gets kids thinking about what they might want to be in the future.


To book tickets for your school trip, please email or call 0330 131 3335.


To book tickets for the general public, please email or call 0330 131 3335.

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Notes to editors


Learning outcomes: KS1 – KS3 PSHE



  • To research, discuss and debate topical issues, problems and events that are of concern to them
  • Why and how rules and laws that protect them and others are made and enforced



Access to all additional activities is included in the entrance price

£14 per child

Reduced pricing available for schools with a high Pupil Premium level


About KidZania London

At KidZania London, children can take part in real-life adventures. Spanning across 75,000 square feet, KidZania is an amazing indoor city built just for kids! KidZania provides children with the opportunity try out a variety of real life role-play activities from being a firefighter, journalist to a surgeon. Each role-play is developed to teach kids essential life skills including financial literacy, teamwork and independence.


Designed to empower and entertain kids, KidZania gives them the chance to challenge themselves and gets children thinking about which career they may pursue in the future.


KidZania is a unique role-play experience for 4-14 year olds, blending learning with reality and entertainment.


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