Kidpreneur Festival


Whether your child is a media mogul in the making, or hatching plans for digital domination, more and more children are taking the world of business head on. To celebrate and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, KidZania London, the indoor city built for kids located at Westfield, London, Shepherd’s Bush, is hosting its first ever KidPreneur Festival on Saturday 11 November.

The festival is designed to champion kids in the real world and teach kids the skills they need to set up their own businesses and make their dreams a reality. KidZania’s first KidPreneur Festival welcomes some of the UK’s most inspiring young entrepreneurs to the main city stage. Children aged 4-14 years can learn first hand from some of the UK’s youngest and brightest minds, from nine-year-old robotic whizz kid Callum Daniels CEO of iCodeRobot, to global teen influencer Inspiring Vanessa and13-year-old lifestyle brand CEO Henry Patterson, to find out what a day-in-the-life of a KidPreneur looks like. Discover how these KidPreneurs got to where they are today. The event aims to blend learning with entertainment for a fun-packed day. Speakers will include;

  • Nine year-old robotic whizz kid Callum Daniels who is CEO of robotics company iCodeRobots, which teaches kids between the ages of six and 12 how to build and code robots. He set the company up aged 8 years old and has received sponsorship from Loughborough University London and the London Design and Engineering University Technical College (LDEUTC)
  • 13 year-old lifestyle brand CEO Henry Patterson is currently writing a book entitled ‘How to Double Your Pocket Money’. His entrepreneurial path begun at the age of just five and he began to buy toys at car boot sales and re-sell them on eBay. The business which has made him successful is his online shop Not Before Tea. His grandma always used to say to him ‘not before tea‘ and he began by selling unusual sweets in jars, which is where the name originated. His business now manufactures over 40 products and these are sold in over 75 retailers across Europe.
  • Alex Brownsell started hairdressing at the age of 12 and launched Bleach London, a hair salon based in East London aged 20. Alex’s business successes also include launching a product line in Boots and a pop up bar. Alex’s latest business venture is Hairmoji - a hair crafting tapestry kit aimed at kids

Eddie Kemsley CEO KidZania London says; “We are thrilled to be launching our first KidPreneur festival which aims to encourage children to think creatively and learn vital life and business skills. We hope the event will be a fun and entertaining way for children to be inspired about their future careers.” 

Rajesh Agrawal, Deputy Mayor for Business, said: “You are never too young to start your own business! This event will celebrate the next generation of London entrepreneurs – and encourage youngsters to think creatively and develop ideas that could change the way we live and work.”

Mark Hilton, Skills Director at business group London First, said:“It’s clear that the earlier we start getting kids interested in the world of work, the more options open up to them in later life. Festivals like this offer a great introduction to the wide choice of careers ahead of young people, and to their future opportunities” 

Kick-start the next generation of KidPreneurs at KidZania 10:30am Saturday 11th November