Learn how to wrap gifts stylishly and sustainably using Japanese furoshiki and tenugui. Japan House London’s step by step guide breaks down how to use these beautiful reusable wrapping cloths.

The Shop at Japan House London is hosting a free and exclusive late night shopping and workshop experience on 1 December 6pm – 9pm including a sustainable wrapping workshop, see more information here

You can shop furoshiki and tenugui, as well as Japan House London’s entire Christmas collection at The Shop at Japan House London 101-111 Kensington High St, London W8 5SA 

Japan House London has provided a step-by-step guide to learn how to wrap gifts with furoshiki and tenugui, perfect for personalising your presents this Christmas. The technique is a sustainable way to gift to your loved ones, with the vibrant cloth being a present in itself. 

Japan House London said: ‘For centuries, people in Japan have been using furoshiki, brightly coloured squares of fabric, for wrapping and carrying things. More recently, the slightly smaller, oblong-shaped tenugui have become the wrapping cloths of choice, with the colourful fabric becoming part of the gift itself. Folded a bit like origami, they offer an eye-catching and zero-waste alternative to Christmas wrapping.’

You can learn how to wrap with furoshiki in person at The Shop at Japan House London’s late night shopping event 6pm-9pm on 1 December. The event includes a range of demonstrations, tastings and workshops to give you a chance to learn about Japanese cake making, sake, wrapping and more in the run up to Christmas.


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