Landmark Pinnacle offers a full five floors of truly spectacular residents' amenities:

  • Soaring 75 floors above the city, with 360 degree views, the breathtaking Sky Terrace is the largest and highest space of its kind ever created in London and the UK.
  • High-spec, luxurious indoor 21-seater cinema and lounge, bringing the magic of the silver screen to residents' doorsteps.
  • Visitors and residents can enjoy Pinnacle Park, a public garden situated just outside the building and a green oasis in the city.
  • The UK’s highest tropical garden spans the entire 27th Floor, takes inspiration from Kew Botanical Gardens and features over 3500 plants.
  • The highest residents’ gym in the UK, features state- of- the- art equipment including a free weights area and group exercise studio boasting unrivalled views.
  • The Residents’ Club Lounge is an inviting and spectacular space to enjoy a morning coffee or an evening with friends over a game of pool, retro arcade, table football or the UK’s highest virtual golf.
  • Private Dining Rooms and Bars, with exceptional views and commercial kitchens are available for residents’ to book for parties or meetings.
  • For more information, visit www.landmarkpinnacle.com.

Landmark Pinnacle, the UK's tallest residential building, is leading the way for luxury living through an impressive array of amenity spaces, creating a high-end, high rise social club for its residents in London’s Canary Wharf. These spaces go beyond their core use and are helping to create entire communities within their walls providing spaces for relaxation, connection and fun. 

In line with its commitment to providing an unparalleled living experience, Landmark Pinnacle features a high-spec, luxurious indoor 21-seater cinema, residents’ lounge area, and bar. Collaboratively designed by Squire and Partners, in partnership with Fusion, renowned for their work on Everyman cinemas, this cinema lounge brings the magic of the silver screen to residents' doorsteps. The space offers seamless connectivity for personal devices and gaming consoles, bookable for solo or group viewing events. Boasting a 3180 x 2025mm E-Vision Laser 4K-UHD screen with unrivalled surround sound and touchscreen operation, Landmark Pinnacle seamlessly merges the cinematic experience with the comforts of home. 

The cinema joins an already outstanding roster of offerings within Landmark Pinnacle, including the Sky Gym, Panoramic Sky Gardens - which are the UK’s highest tropical gardens, Sky Terrace and private dining rooms and bars, creating a holistic living environment that caters to the diverse needs and desires of its residents making Landmark Pinnacle a luxury social club in the sky. 

In the Sky Gardens, residents can settle amongst over 3,500 plants that have been planted to create a spectacular tropical garden and a space dedicated for children to play and be inspired.

From the tranquil to the treadmill, Landmark Pinnacle is home to the UK’s highest residential gym, at 571 ft in the sky, where residents have access to high specification exercise equipment and training programs affording unrivalled views of the city and beyond.  

Overlooking the entire city, the Sky Terrace is the highest private amenity space ever created in London, offeringuninterrupted 360° views that one would typically only be treated to when airborne. The one-of-a-kind space features the UK’s highest living walls, featuring 13,000 plants selected to endure wind and sunlight, including hardy and robust evergreen varieties with dashes of colour. 

Outside, visitors and residents can enjoy Pinnacle Park, a public garden situated just outside the building brings a vital slice of green into the concrete surrounds. This beautifully curated outdoor space offers a serene oasis, carefully designed with a focus on promoting biodiversity and nature-rich living. The garden showcases a thoughtfully tailored planting scheme, embracing the surrounding microclimate and predominantly shaded areas. Pinnacle Park's woodland-inspired design brings together native and non-native trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, and bulb species to maximise the space. This unique combination provides a haven for nature and biodiversity amid Canary Wharf's urban landscape, offering a refreshing escape and a nod to sustainable living. 

Giacomo Guzzon, Head of Planting at landscape architects Gillespies, said: “Pinnacle Park is nestled in the heart of Canary Wharf, a green oasis within the bustling urban landscape. Our design incorporates woodland plant communities, with robust woody and herbaceous species, chosen to thrive within the microclimate influenced by the surrounding skyscrapers. They create a haven for biodiversity in this part of the city and foster ecological diversity while providing a welcoming space for everyone to rest in and enjoy. 

From serene outdoor retreats to cutting-edge indoor experiences, Landmark Pinnacle has curated a collection of amenities that redefine luxury living in the heart of the city.

"When creating Landmark Pinnacle, we wanted to create the best living experience for our residents possible." said Rami Atallah, Director of Chalegrove Properties Ltd., the visionary developers behind Landmark Pinnacle. “We know that people want more than just a place to live and these spaces, from our indoor and outdoor green escapes to our state-of-the-art cinema, entertainment and relaxation areas, exemplify our commitment to enhancing residents' well-being, providing them with unparalleled opportunities for relaxation, entertainment and socialising – all within the comforts of home which is ever more important in our increasingly busy and time-stretched lives."

For more information about the amenity spaces and the Landmark Pinnacle approach, or to arrange a media tour of the spaces, please contact LandmarkPinnacle@Kallaway.com.