Transforming fashion through sustainability: Centrale & Whitgift to host Fashion Meets Music's Re-use Recycle Fashion Show


  •       Centrale & Whitgift in partnership with Fashion Meets Music presents the Re-use Recycle Fashion Show - an exclusive showcase of music, models, and sustainability on Saturday 16th September.
  •       The Re-use Recycle Fashion Show will be hosted by Queen Mojo.
  •       For more information and to book your free ticket, click here.

Centrale & Whitgift, in collaboration with Fashion Meets Music, is thrilled to announce that they will host their first Re-use Recycle Fashion Show on Saturday 16th September from 10:30 am.

What to Expect:

  • Fashion Show: Witness incredible upcycled designs created from your donated clothes during the Re-use Recycle Fashion Show.
  • Upcycle + Repair Workshops: Get hands-on experience with upcycling and repair techniques and learn how to make a positive impact on your wardrobe hosted by the Master Upcycler Dani Dawks.
  • Panel Discussions: Engage in thought-provoking conversations about sustainability in the fashion industry.
  • Music Performances: Enjoy live music performances that will celebrate the beautiful designs on display.

This inspiring initiative, spearheaded by Centrale & Whitgift’s tenant Fashion Meets Music, is dedicated to raising awareness and driving action towards a more environmentally friendly and ethical approach to fashion consumption.

Reuse Recycle initiative has seen Fashion Meets Music host several swap shops around the London borough of Croydon, encouraging residents to continue the life cycle of their clothing by swapping out their items rather than purchasing new products. Collection bins which have been stationed in both shopping centres have resulted in the local community donating unwanted garments in their hundreds over the past 3 months.

The reworking of these unwanted, preloved garments has helped divert them from landfills, and in turn, contributed to a circular economy. The Reuse Recycle Fashion Show is the culmination of this process - the event will see donated garments which have been upcycled and made into unique and stylish pieces showcased to the public for the first time! 

These clothes were redesigned by emerging creatives in workshops run by Fashion Meets Music - a workshop programme which upskilled participants to help them learn new things and break into the creative industries.

The Reuse Recycle Fashion Show is one of 15 anchor events part-funded by This Is Croydon, London Borough of Culture 2023. 


About Centrale & Whitgift

Located in the heart of Croydon Town Centre, Centrale & Whitgift is the community’s retail and leisure hub. Home to household brands including House of Fraser, Zara, M&S and H&M, the centres also boasts independent local businesses including Croydon Boxing Academy, Fashion Meets Music and Afro Hair Candy, as well as community and educational organisations from The Wellness Centre and The Textile Repair Café to Lives not Knives and Smartworks.

Through a programme of cultural events, Centrale & Whitgift celebrates Croydon’s rich heritage and diversity with annual community activations alongside immersive pop-ups and experiences during the Summer and Christmas holidays. 

About Fashion Meets Music

Fashion Meets Music® is an organisation showcasing emerging designers, artists and talent in the form of Events, Concerts, Weekenders, Pop Up Shops, Expos, Workshops and more. Recognised as “the starting point for emerging artists in fashion, music, art and entertainment”, Fashion Meets Music creates an innovative form of exposure for artists, a new scouting location for talent representatives, and a fresh outing for event goers. FMM is on a mission to bridge the gap between the Indie and Mainstream worlds, provide an opportunity for previously unrecognised talent and give upcoming designers, entrepreneurs and artists a place to be seen and heard. Taking up residencies in unused spaces creating concept retail experiences using creativity as a tool to engage underrepresented communities in enterprise, education and employment. Within their units they support emerging creative brands in fashion, music, digital and visual arts with concession, event and workspace alongside business support, training programmes and exposure.