This Spring: Make your own terrarium workshops

  • Capital Gardens the natural place for London’s gardeners is offering terrarium workshops on 21 April and 26 May 2018
  • Workshop tickets are £25 per person, including all of the materials
  • Tickets can be booked through the links below:

Terrarium Workshop at Neal’s Nurseries Capital Gardens on Saturday 21 April, 11:00 am to 12:30pm -

Terrarium Workshop at Alexandra Palace Capital Gardens on Saturday 26 May, 11:00 am to 12:30pm –

Learn something new and something green this spring! Capital Gardens are hosting terrarium workshops, the perfect way to unwind from a busy week and get your hands dirty. 

Capital Gardens, the natural place for London’s gardeners, provides expert advice on a wide range of plants and sustainable gardening techniques.

Experts from London Terrariums will teach the workshops. Participants get the chance to learn how a terrarium works, how the beautiful self-contained ecosystems survive, how to create their own and how to care for them.

The workshops will start with a short introduction explaining the history and science that goes into building a terrarium, from the different plants used to why activated charcoal has become so essential. Participants will be provided with the different elements and taught how to build their own.

The ticket price includes all the highest quality materials, supplied by Capital Garden’s and London Terrariums – a glass jar, various fittonia, ivy and a variety of pebbles and moss.

Participants will leave the workshop with their own terrarium, a special bag to carry it in, a care guide, as well as a Capital Gardens privilege card with £5 credit on it.  

Capital Gardens

  • Capital Gardens has been helping London’s gardens grow since 1981.
  • There are currently three Captial Garden’s centres in and around London: Alexandra Palace, Neals Nursery in Wandsworth and Woods of Berkhamsted
  • Capital Gardens originally was, and still is today, a provider of expert landscaping services.
  • The centres are run by passionate gardeners who strive to offer each visitor a personal and rewarding experience
  • Capital Gardens is more than just a garden centre. Moving with the times, it offers a range of events and activities suitable for the local community, from yoga in the green house, to composting lessons and kids gardening courses.
  • Capital Gardens offers a wide range of plants and products that vary with the seasons and are suited to London’s climate
  • Capital Gardens is committed to sustainability. The centres promise to:

o   Encourage the use of non-toxic, organic or sustainable gardening products where possible.

o   Endeavour to stock the widest range of organic, sustainable products.

o   Recommend alternatives to chemical options where possible.

o   Continually make sure our products come from sustainable sources, such as FSC certified woods and Fairtrade coffee in our cafes.

o   Thoroughly research the source of our products, buying from nurseries and manufacturers who adhere to high quality and environmental standards.

o   Invest time in blog posts on sustainable topics, which provide a resource of information, inspiration and help for customers who seek it.

o   Maximise recycling of waste products.

o   Donate re-useable goods where possible.

o   Ensure that all employees understand this commitment and conform to the high standards it requires.