This Spring: Make your own open terrarium workshops

  • Capital Gardens the natural place for London’s gardeners is offering open terrarium workshops on 20 and 22 March 2018
  • Workshop tickets are £28 per person, including all of the materials
  • Tickets can be booked through the links below: 

Open Terrarium Workshop at Neal’s Nurseries Capital Gardens on Tuesday March 20, 7-9pm

Tickets can be bought here  

Open Terrarium Workshop at Alexandra Palace Capital Gardens on Thursday 22 March, 7-9pm

Tickets can be bought here  

Learn something new and something green this spring! Capital Gardens are hosting open terrarium workshops, the perfect way to unwind from a busy week and get your hands dirty.

Capital Gardens, the natural place for London’s gardeners, provides expert advice on a wide range of plants and sustainable gardening techniques.

Experts from Heron Hawker, London based terrarium and indoor plant specialists, will teach the workshops. Participants get the chance to learn how a terrarium works, how the beautiful self-contained ecosystems survive, how to create their own and how to care for them.

The workshops will begin with a brief talk that explores the plants and materials for the type of terrarium being built. After a bit of design inspiration, experts from Heron Hawker will guide you through the essentials and then set you free to use the materials to craft either a dessert, rocky or jungle style landscape. A watering pipette and a box for you to maintain your terrarium and take it home will also be provided. 

The ticket price includes all the highest quality materials, supplied by Capital Gardens and Heron Hawker.

Participants will leave the workshop with their own terrarium, a special bag to carry it in, a care guide, as well as a Capital Gardens privilege card with £5 credit on it.